24 dissolving strips/ package. Tossing, turning, alot on your mind, unable to sleep? .. Now a natural sleep aid that helps you fall asleep…Almost Instantly! Quick 2 Sleep™ is 100% natural, nonprescription and non-habit forming. You place the strip on your tongue, it dissolves, you quickly fall asleep, to awake rested and enjoy your day! Great for the business traveller or when it’s too late to take that prescription sleep aid because you have to wake up! Nature’s Quick 2 Sleep™ is the most effective, convenient, and fastest acting sleep remedy available.

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SKU: 12001 Brand: IMS Supplements, Inc


Quick2Sleep Sleep Strips

2 reviews for Quick2Sleep

  1. Charlotte Amant

    I first purchased 3 Quick2Sleep in February. The product works great and I truly prefer Quick2Sleep over all other products that I have tried. Today I ordered 6 Quick2Sleep. Thank you.

  2. Rebecca Fuller

    I tried Quick2sleep after trying Tylenol PM and many other sleep aids that just didn’t work for me. I like all natural Quick 2 sleep and use it nightly. I love this product it’s so easy to use. I have ordered this product three times now and will continue to buy it. It definately is not just melatonin.

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