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6 bottles of Best Prostate contains 60 capsule per bottle (6 month supply). You save $60.00 when you purchase 6 bottles. Each vegetable capsule contains 310mg Beta-Sitosterol, Zinc, and Selenium. Best Prostate® is manufactured in the USA in a NSF, GMP Registered facility. We offer a 100% money back refund policy that Best Prostate is going to help you. Our prostate formula is designed to provide only the essential ingredients that you need to improve prostate health. We do not add un-necessary ingredients, binders or fillers. Please contact us if you have questions.

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25 reviews for 6 Best Prostate

  1. Joe Candeias

    I have been taking Best Prostate for 6 months after taking both Hytrin and Flomax for ten years. It feels great to be able to use a natural product that works. I\’m writing this because I want others to know that they have a choice. I no longer pay $35.00 co-pays at my pharmacy for these items. In addition I actually feel better. Thank you for giving me the option to do without these prescription drugs.

  2. Dennis Ward

    I knew I had a prostate problem but really did not want to take another prescription medication. I first tried 1 bottle of Best Prostate that my wife bought for me. I was sure surprised that it worked and now I am re-ordering my own Best Prostate. Thank you, I hope others either have a wife like mine that gets them to try Best Prostate or they simply give you guys a call.

  3. J.L. McLaughlin

    Tried 2 bottles noticed a change after just 1 day – I’m sold — thank you.

  4. Joe Candeias

    I’ve been taking this since 12/2007 – beats 10 years of Flomax & Hytrin

  5. Dennis Ward

    I have been taking 2 a day for about a year. Just wish I would have had this product when I was driving Long Haul. Could have saved me countless stops along the road.

  6. Bernard Fraioli

    re-ordered today 6/28/2010 – great product that works – Thank you I first tried in May 2010 and ordered one bottle.

  7. Amanda Cohen

    This is a great product I ordered these 3/11/2010 and am now re-ordering. My friend is most grateful.

  8. Rick Thornton

    Best Prostate, Ultimate Omega and Curamin are all fantastic products. I order them all here and love them.

  9. Elihu Turgell

    Thanks great product. I’ve been using for 3 plus years now. I highly recommend Best Prostate to my friends.

  10. Joaquin Mena

    This product seems to work. Sorry I am skeptical, I am ordering today, and will let you know how it works for me, as soon as I have results.

  11. Joaquin Mena

    Great results after 3 days. Very pleased now, I quit Flomax and fenasteride, serious side effects. I love Best Prostate. Thank you guys.

  12. Dan Hutchinson

    I highly recommend Best Prostate – I have been using for over a year – thanks for the great product.

  13. Lionel Boyd

    This truly is the best prostate product. I love this product because it works and I love the name because it’s Best Prostate.

  14. Duane Lawson

    Mr. L telephoned to reorder Best Prostate and stated “they are working great” …………………..

  15. Charles Fleck

    Thanks, I’ve been a customer since Sept. 2009 – great product – works for me! ……………………….

  16. Dean Mikesell

    I tried this and Prost-PX10 — well I’m re-ordering Best Prostate — there’s your answer ………..

  17. Bruce McClarron

    Great product – works as promised and forget the “other guys” you see on TV!! This is my 3rd re-order (6 months / best deal)!! Call IMS and talk to Jerry if you have any questions! This is an unsolicited testimonial by the way!!

  18. Gary W McBroom

    Used it for one month its 3 a day for me then it seems to work ok i will reorder If I drink coffee it is less effective or coke.

  19. John Comeaux

    I’ve used numerous Prostate Remedies through the years.
    This one works! I ran out so I used some that I had before I tried Best Prostate. It helped me remember why I switched in the first place! I’m Baaaaack!

  20. Gene Moeller

    Best lesson is when you run out or stop taking you will see how good it is. Thanks re-order. Your product is appreciated.

  21. James Hosom

    I will soon be 68 years old and have an enlarged prostate and use to have the standard problems associated with it. I have been using Best Prostate now for about six years. My doctor had previously put me on FLOMAX which for me did not work. While taking it, I had a terrible time with lightheadedness and near passing out when stooping and then standing up. I have absolutely no ill side affects with Best Prostate. I take one capsule in the morning and a second one in the evening and I really feel quite normal in terms of normal urination. I do not have any sense of urgency to go; I rarely get up more than once or twice throughout the night; and most of the time I empty completely. I highly recommend Best Prostate.

  22. Charles Fleck

    For 9 years I have been using Best Prostate. Believe me, I wouldn’t keep calling back and buying it if it wasn’t working.

  23. Noah Miller

    Since 2014 and my PSAs are great so no reason to stop something that works. If you are going to take a prostate product this is it.

  24. John Nuckols

    See my review at I just emailed it to them. I have been a customer of Best Prostate since 2014. Seriously it works. See my review.

  25. Dan Spoonhour (verified owner)

    I messed around and tried another product. I ordered it and then realized it was a big mistake. I will never make that mistake again. For years I have trusted Best Prostate and will not be going elsewhere for my prostate. Thank you.

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