2 Mejor Prostata Formula


2 botellas de Mejor Próstata contienen 60 capsula por botella (2 suministro de mes). Cada cápsula vegetal contiene 310 Beta-Sitosterol de mg, el Zinc, y el Selenio. Mejor Próstata™ es fabricado en EEUU en un NSF, GMP Registrada facilidad. Ofrecemos una 100% de garantía de devolución que Mejor Próstata ayudará usted. Nuestra fórmula de la próstata es diseñada para proporcionar sólo los ingredientes esenciales que usted debe mejorar la salud de próstata. Nosotros no agregamos ingredientes innecesarios, las carpetas ni las masillas. Los precios están en el currency de USA.

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SKU: 12031 Brand: IMS Supplements, Inc

7 valoraciones en 2 Mejor Prostata Formula

  1. Alex Reiff

    Amazing product works great results were rapid! I have recommended this to family and friends. Also tried the Quick2Sleep and it works great too.

  2. Mitch Cooper

    I’ve tried several other products, but this product really
    works. No more waking up in the middle of the night to
    ‘go’. No more ‘urgency to go’ at the most embarassing
    times. I think the key ingredient is the Beta-Sitosterol,
    other products do not have or it is in such small quantities
    you’ll never realize the benefit.

  3. Gary Worth

    Second order here – I’m convinced – Thank you for the great product.

  4. Byron Rogers

    Reordered today – Best Prostate great product and love the Quick2sleep also. Thank you.

  5. John Cummings

    Wow; since being on this product I make half the trips to the restroom I used to. At the office it’s particularly noticeable; I am down from 4 to 6 trips to only a couple and getting so much more done as a result.

    John C
    Pasadena, CA

  6. Daniel Soliday

    Well I was using your product and then bought another product. No comparison I’m re-ordering today. Thanks.

  7. Duane Lawson

    I have been taking Bestprostate for several years now. I have been able to stop taking Finasteride and Doxazosin ( for BPH symptoms ) which my doctor had prescribed. My doctor said my prostate is now, “… normal size and smooth.” My PSA dropped from 1.4 to .4, and in September ( 2013 ) I slept 10 nights for 8 hours or more. Thank you Jerry for a product that works!

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